Important Warning – Review of New AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook

May 09, 2018
The public stakeholder review of the draft version of the AIAG-VDA FMEA 1st Edition Handbook (protected e-Document) has been completed.  

Hundreds of comments/responses were received from FMEA practitioners around the world. 

The AIAG and VDA are collaborating diligently to review and disposition all stakeholder comments. 

The official publication of the new AIAG-VDA FMEA is scheduled for publication in late 2018. Therefore, any training that is provided prior to publication is invalid, inaccurate, and potentially misleading as it is based on an unofficial (draft) version of the document that is being revised based on stakeholder review feedback. Efforts to implement or transition to the new AIAG-VDA FMEA methodology should only occur after the new handbook is published.

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