Aviation, Space and Defense Evaluator Course

Successful completion of the IAQG-Sanctioned Aerospace Auditor Transition Training course (AATT) and the Plexus/IAQG ASD Evaluator Course is required for all trainers delivering the IAQG-Sanctioned training course (AATT) instructor-led training for authentication of ICOP auditors. The Plexus/IAQG ASD Evaluator Course is applicable for both the 9100 and 9110 (If you plan to train the 9110 materials you must also complete all 9110 AATT requirements before training the 9110 course). Training course delivery must always originate through an approved training provider. IAQG requires two trainers for the AATT course with one trainer meeting the work experience requirements for an aerospace experienced auditor and both trainers meeting the requirements of the Plexus/IAQG ASD Evaluator course. An approved training provider must order all instructor-led materials from Plexus International.

Step 1 – Register with Plexus

Contact Plexus by calling 1-888-Plexus-3 (1-888-753-9873) or 1-612-256-2852 to begin the registration process.

Step 2 – 9100 Online Initial Examination and Online Module

This is the starting point for all auditors. Take the 9100 Online Initial Examination. Should you pass the Initial Examination, you are not required to take the Online Module, “Foundations: Understanding 9100″ However, IAQG recommends that you complete the Online Module. If you do not pass this Initial Examination, you are required to take the Online Module. In order to meet the requirements for attending the Instructor-led component of the 9100 IAQG-Sanctioned AATT, you must have either passed the Initial Examination or have completed the “Foundations: Understanding 9100″ Online Module.

Step 3 – 9100 Instructor-led Training/Evaluation and Examination

Prerequisite: Step 2

The Instructor-led component of the 9100 IAQG-Sanctioned AATT is a four day class that includes how to audit to 9100 with a process-based approach utilizing 9101. Along with the training in this Instructor-led component, there is a continual evaluation of the trainees paying particular attention to his/her active participation, role play, and case study exercises. The fourth day includes Online Final Examinations (which will require a laptop computer) and an Interview.

Step 4 – Plexus/ IAQG ASD Evaluator Course

Prerequisite: Steps 2 and 3

The Plexus/ IAQG ASD Evaluator Course is a five day course that specifically prepares the trainer candidate for the training and evaluation responsibilities of the instructor-led component of the IAQG-Sanctioned AATT course. The trainer candidate will learn how to apply the Plexus Learning Methodology within the instructor-led environment of the AATT course and will learn the evaluation requirements, techniques, and expectations to effectively train and evaluate for the IAQG-Sanctioned AATT course. The trainer candidate will receive the IAQG-Sanctioned AATT Trainer Guide, presentation materials, and 6 case studies that the trainer candidate is required to utilize in the delivery of the IAQG-Sanctioned AATT course. A continual evaluation of the trainer candidate takes place throughout the week and culminates in a mini-teach and feedback report. The feedback report will be sent to the trainer candidate within ten (10) days following completion of the training. Training Providers are required to ensure that they have used the feedback report provided to them on their trainer candidate from the Plexus/IAQG ASD Evaluator Course as part of the Training Provider’s Trainer Approval Process.

Price, duration, and requirements for the Plexus/IAQG ASD Evaluator Course are outlined below:

  • Duration = 5 days
  • Cost = $2689.00
  • Must Sign a Trainer Agreement / Rules
  • 2 paths – The Training Provider may send the trainer candidate for training, OR the trainer candidate may take the training and than seek an approved TP.
  • Trainee candidate must complete all of the above 9100 requirements and 9110 requirements as applicable, and the Plexus/ IAQG ASD Evaluator Course